Purchasing Digital Pianos (Keyboards)

Purchasing Digital Pianos (Keyboards)

What to look for when purchasing digital pianos (Keyboards):

      • 88 keys on the digital piano or keyboard (this is the same number of keys as an acoustic piano)
      • Touch sensitive
      • Weighted keys
      • Sustain/damper pedal
      • Bench of an appropriate height
      • Keyboard stand
      • Located in an area of the home that promotes consistent practice
      • The Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano is an excellent option. The Yamaha P-45 and Yamaha P-71 are cheaper alternatives to the P-115 and still great starter digital pianos.
      • Another great option is the Casio Privia digital pianos.
    • AVOID Williams Allegro Digital Pianos – although the price is great, these digital pianos have inconsistency in feel and sound. Also, my experience is that they are not as durable as the Yamaha and Casio brand digital pianos.

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